short late april mix

  1. UNKLE, “Trouble In Paradise (variation on a theme) (Carl Craig C2 remix)” (Surrender All)
  2. The Horrors, “Sea Within A Sea” (XL Recordings)
  3. Junior Boys, “Hazel (Ewan Pearson’s house mix)” (Domino)
  4. Nick Höppner, “Makeover” (Ostgut Tonträger)
  5. Tarwater, “Zimmermann” (Kitty-Yo)
  6. Kate Bush, “How to Be Invisible” (EMI)
  7. (excerpt from Carl Theodor Dreyer’s Vampyr)
  8. UNKLE, “Hold My Hand (Innervisions Orchestra dub mix)” (Surrender All)
  9. Tony Lionni, “Sundance” (Mule Musiq)
  10. Golden Palominos, “These Days” (Restless Records)

early april, night, delays

  1. Tarwater, “Perfect Shadow” (Kitty-Yo)
  2. Telefon Tel Aviv, “Immolate Yourself” (BPitch Control)
  3. NSI., “12” (Sähkö)
  4. Kraftwerk, “Radioactivity” (Capitol Records)
  5. Static, “Headphones” (City Centre Offices)
  6. Stimming, “The Loneliness” (Diynamic Music)
  7. Zombi, “Sapphire (Escort remix)” (Throne of Blood)
  8. Pet Shop Boys, “More than a dream” (Parlophone)
  9. Gustavo Cerati, “Paracaídas” (BMG International)
  10. Christian Naujoks, “Off the Rose” (Dial)
  11. Alva Noto, “Haliod Xerrox Copy 1” (Raster-Noton)
  12. Phillip Sollmann, “Pyramid Drift” (Dial)
  13. Ulf Lohmann, “Because 4” (Kompakt)