1. Mr. White, “You Don’t Answer (when I call)” (Black Market International)
  2. John Tejada, “The End of It All” (Palette Recordings)
  3. Christian Löffler, “A Hundred Lights” (Orphanear)
  4. Barbara Morgenstern, “Temptation” (Fractured Recordings)
  5. Georges Delerue & Jean-Luc Godard, excerpt from Le Mépris
  6. Businessman, “Dubby Games” (Balearic Biscuits)
  7. Röyksopp, “49 Percent (feat. Chelonis R. Jones) (Ewan Pearson glass half full mix)” (Wall Of Sound)
  8. Bis, “The European” (Chemikal Underground)
  9. Medio Mutante, “Another Land” (Cititrax)
  10. Gudrun Gut, “Move Me (Burger/Voigt mix)” (Monika)
  11. Ellen Allien, “Your Body Is My Body (Kiki’s body trip remix)” (BPitch Control)
  12. Round Two, “New Day (club vocal mix feat. Andy Caine)” (Main Street Records)
  13. Dot Allison, “Message personnel (Arab Strap remix)” (Heavenly)

out of february

  1. House of House, “Rushing to Paradise (walkin’ these streets)” (Whatever We Want)
  2. Sideshow, “Television (feat. Cortney Tidwell)” (Aus Music)
  3. Federleicht, “On the Streets (Kollektiv Turmstrasse brokenheartz mix)” (Connaisseur)
  4. Klaus & Kinski, “Nunca estés a la altura” (Jabalina)
  5. Anna Karina, “Ma ligne de chance” (Barclay)
  6. Fight Like Apes, “You Are The Hat” (Fifa Records)
  7. Future of the Left, “Manchasm” (Too Pure)
  8. Jesu, “The Stars That Hang Above You” (Daymare)
  9. Alva Noto, “Monophaser 2” (Raster-Noton)
  10. IMPS, “Heaven and Bagpipes (Koss remix)” (Mule Electronic)
  11. Gui Boratto, “Besides” (Kompakt)
  12. The Roots, “Something in the Way of Things (in town) (feat. Amiri Baraka)” (MCA)
  13. Efdemin, “April Fools” (Dial)

into february

  1. Junior Boys, “Work” (Domino)
  2. Kangding Ray, “A Protest Song” (Raster-Noton)
  3. Telepathe, “So Fine” (V2)
  4. Galaxie 500, “Listen, The Snow Is Falling” (Rykodisc)
  5. Modwheelmood, “Things Will Change (Kangding Ray remix)” (Modwheelmood)
  6. New Order, “Perfect pit” (Factory)
  7. Andy Moor & DJ /rupture, “Jimmy Rogers” (Unsuitable)
  8. Foals, “Electric Bloom” (Transgressive Records)
  9. Pet Shops Boys, “Love etc.” (Parlophone)
  10. Fight Like Apes, “Jake Summers” (Cool For Cats Records)
  11. My Favorite, “Homeless Club Kids” (Double Agent)
  12. Rune Lindbæk, “Junta Jæger” (Repap)
  13. Luomo, “Synkro” (Force Tracks)
  14. Pixies, “No. 13 Baby” (4AD)
  15. Lawrence, “Along The Wire (Superpitcher remix)” (Ladomat 2000)