somewhere in bulgaria mix

the aleksandr nevsky cathedral, i think

  1. Al Moodie, “Everything Crash” (B.R.U. Records)
  2. The Fall, “So What about It?” (Fontana)
  3. Envy, “An Umbrella Fallen into Fiction” (Temporary Residence)
  4. Fennesz, “Glide” (Touch)
  5. John Cage, “Experiences No. 2” (Obscure)
  6. Ghost, “Snuffbox Immanence” (Drag City)
  7. Efdemin, “America” (Curle)
  8. Dextro, “Do You Need Help?” (Border Community)
  9. Terre Thaemlitz, “Between Empathy and Sympathy is Time (Apartheid)” (Mille Plateaux)
  10. DJ Sprinkles, “Ball’r (Madonna-free zone)” (Mule Musiq)
  11. DJ Mujava, “Township Funk (DJ Nonsense mix)” (Warp)
  12. Kate Bush, “King of the Mountain (Radio Slave remix)” (white label)
  13. Saint Etienne, “A Slavic Beauty with a Rose between Her Teeth” (Foreign Office)
  14. The Clientele, “6 a.m. Morningside” (Elefant)
  15. Robert Wyatt, “The Whole Point of No Return” (Hannibal Records)


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