2004 automatic

Ordered by play count, only one track per artist, limited to one hour. Results are getting more and more sketchy as things get older:

  1. Xploding Plastix, “Sunset Spirals (feat. Sarah Cracknell) (Rune Lindbæk remix)” (Columbia)
  2. Leandro Fresco, “Cero uno” (Kompakt)
  3. Dettinger, “Oasis 1” (Kompakt)
  4. The MFA, “The Difference It Makes” (Border Community)
  5. The Clientele, “Boring Postcard” (Acuarela Discos)
  6. The Orb, “A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Center Of The Ultraworld (loving you)” (Strange Fruit)
  7. Ghost Cauldron, “Are You Conscious?” (Studio !K7)
  8. Borneo & Sporenburg, “Boys” (Ladomat 2000)


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