goodbye 2011

  1. Hello Seahorse!, “Me has olvidado” (EMI)
  2. Sandwell District, “Falling the Same Way (version)” (Sandwell District)
  3. When Saints Go Machine, “Church and Law” (Studio !K7)
  4. Chicago Skyway, “Heavens & Angels” (M>O>S Recordings)
  5. Tarwater, “Inside the Ships” (Bureau B)
  6. Donato Dozzy, “K 1” (Further)
  7. Tracey Thorn, “Swimming (Visionquest remix) (Ewan Pearson re-edit)” (Strange Feeling)
  8. Aeiou, “Vivimos in L.A.” (Bandcamp)
  9. Gang Gang Dance, “Mindkilla” (4AD)
  10. Byetone, “To Fade Away” (Raster-Noton)
  11. Maya Jane Coles, “Senseless” (20:20 Vision)
  12. David August, “Peace of Conscience” (Diynamic)
  13. Vladislav Delay, “Levite” (Raster-Noton)
  14. Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit, “The Librarian (feat. David Sylvian)” (Nonplace)
  15. Iceage, “You’re Blessed” (Dais Records)



  1. Commodores, “Nightshift” (Motown)
  2. The XX, “Fantasy” (Young Turks)
  3. Phoenix, “Rome” (V2)
  4. Gustavo Cerati, “Déjà vu” (Sony International)
  5. The Joy Formidable, “Whirring” (Rallye Records)
  6. Gold Panda, “Quitter’s Raga” (Make Mine)
  7. Boris, “Buzz-In (Todd Edwards remix)” (Scion Audio/Visual )
  8. Kaito, “We Are Living Here” (Kompakt)
  9. Beyoncé, “Halo” (Columbia)
  10. Air, “Night Hunter” (Virgin)
  11. Los Campesinos!, “The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future” (unreleased)
  12. The Clientele, “Walking in the Park” (Merge)
  13. Gus Gus, “Thin Ice” (Kompakt)
  14. Culoe De Song, “The Fallen Siren” (Mule Musiq)
  15. Piano Magic, “La cobardía de los toreros” (Make Mine Music)
  16. Kristin Hersh, “Around Dusk” (Throwing Music)
  17. Peter Broderick, “Another Glacier” (Type Records)
  18. Roy Montgomery, “London Is Swinging by His Neck (feat. Kirk Lake)” (Rocket Girl)


early july mix

  1. La Roux, “In for the Kill (Skream’s let’s get ravey mix)” (Polydor)
  2. Masha Qrella, “Pink Frost” (Morr Music)
  3. The Legends, “Over and Over” (Labrador)
  4. School of Seven Bells, “Face to Face on High Places (Jesu remix)” (Ghostly International)
  5. Teddybears, “Get Mama a House” (unknown)
  6. Meneo, “Okupa” (unknown)
  7. JJ, “Ecstasy” (Sincerely Yours)
  8. Cooly G, “Love Dub” (Hyperdub)
  9. Gus Gus, “Moss (feat. Daniel Ágúst)” (Pineapple Records)
  10. Phoenix, “Love like a Sunset (part 1)” (V2)
  11. Moon Unit, “Connections (Ewan Pearson slow NRG mix)” (Supersoul Recordings)
  12. Lars Bartkuhn, “Goodbye Dancing, Hello God (Arto Mwambé remix)” (Sonar Kollektiv)
  13. Joan Baez, “Silver Dagger” (Vanguard)
  14. Boards of Canada, “Whitewater” (Music70)
  15. Santiago Salazar, “Arcade (Stefan Goldmann remix)” (Macro)
  16. Richard Youngs, “A Storm of Light Ignites My Heart” (Sonic Oyster)
  17. Robert Wyatt, “P.L.A.” (Rough Trade)


rome 2001

1: vocal

  1. Scott Walker, “Boy Child”
  2. The Velvet Underground, “Sad Song”
  3. Disco Inferno, “Summer’s Last Sound”
  4. Pulp, “Dishes”
  5. Pet Shop Boys, “The Theatre”
  6. The Fall, “Das Katerer”
  7. Valeria Rossi, “Tre parole”
  8. Silver Jews, “Dallas”
  9. Radiohead, “How to Disappear Completely”
  10. Manu Chao, “Infinita tristeza”
  11. Piano Magic, “I Am the Sub-Librarian”
  12. Calla, “Promenade”
  13. Arab Strap, “Turbulence (Jason Famous remix)”
  14. Future Pilot A.K.A., “Om Navah Shivaya”
  15. The Mekons, “Last Night on Earth”

2: instrumental

  1. Tortoise, “Seneca”
  2. Mouse On Mars, “Actionist Respoke”
  3. Rothko, “Roads Become Rivers”
  4. The Sabres Of Paradise, “Smokebelch II (David Holmes mix)”
  5. Fridge, “Kinoshita”
  6. To Rococo Rot & I-Sound, “From Dream to Daylight”
  7. Eno, Moebius & Roedelius, “The Belldog”
  8. The Freight Elevator Quartet, “Downtime Is Becoming Less of an Option”
  9. Icebreaker, “Melody for NATO”
  10. John Zorn, “The Possessed”
  11. Autechre, “Flutter”
  12. Michael Nyman, “Up for Crabs”
  13. L’Altra, “Music of a Sinking”
  14. Richard Youngs, “Alban Stands Here”


leaving for bulgaria mix

  1. Silvania, “Otro mundo en el mundo” (Ware)
  2. M83, “Don’t Save Us From The Flames (Superpitcher remix)” (Gooom)
  3. Partial Arts, “Trauermusik” (Kompakt)
  4. Sascha Funke, “Mango Cookie (DJ Koze pink moon remix)” (BPitch Control)
  5. Ricardo Villalobos, “Enfants (chants/tambours)” (Sei Es Drum)
  6. Solomun & Gebrüder Ton, “Tagesschau (Jackmate remix)” ()
  7. Faze Action, “In The Trees (Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes rendition)” (Juno)
  8. Kevin Saunderson, “Till We Meet Again (Carl Craig remix)” (Planet E)
  9. Ferrer & Syndenham Inc., “Timbuktu (Âme beatless mix)” (Ibadan)
  10. Rhythm & Sound, “Poor People Must Work (feat. Bobbo Shanti) (Carl Craig remix)” (Burial Mix)
  11. Lee Jones, “MDMAzing (EP edit)” (Aus Music)
  12. DJ Mujava, “Township Funk” (Warp)
  13. Björk, “Isobel (Motorbass remix)” (Motorbass)


Bonus YouTube!

winter is coming

  1. Solomun vs Ost & Kjex, “Federgewicht (oslo version)” (Diynamic)
  2. Alex Millan & Lorent Air, “Ironik” (Kompakt Extra”)
  3. Force Of Nature, “Sequencer (Stefan Goldmann macro version)” (Mule Musiq)
  4. Arto Mwambé, “Une seule nuit (mix de danse)” (Brontosaurus)
  5. Antena, “Camino del sol (Joakim remix)” (Permanent Vacation)
  6. Shocking Pinks, “Dressed to Please (Deepchord remix)” (DFA)
  7. The Hope Blister extracted by Markus Guentner, “Sideways Two” (4AD)
  8. Soul Capsule, “Waiting 4 A Way” (Perlon)
  9. Trentemøller, “Take Me In To Your Skin” (Poker Flat)
  10. The Long Blondes, “Guilt (Pantha du Prince remix)” (unreleased)
  11. Donnacha Costello, “It Simply Is” (Minimise)
  12. Force of Nature, “Traderoute” (Mule Musiq)
  13. Pluramon, “If the Kids Are United” (Karaoke Kalk)