to the midwest and back

  1. Pavement, “Shoot the Singer (one sick verse)” (Matador)
  2. Gold Panda, “You” (Notown)
  3. Vitalic, “Second Lives” (Citizen Records)
  4. Delorean, “Stay Close” (Defiance)
  5. The Fall, “The Knight the Devil and Death” (Cog Sinister)
  6. Zola Jesus, “Manifest Destiny” (Sacred Bones Records)
  7. Lucy, “Noedrocca” (Perspectiv)
  8. Ripperton, “Random Violence” (Green)
  9. Ron Trent, “Altered States (light city mixx)” (Djaxx Up Beats)
  10. Ninca Leece, “Feed Me Rainbows” (Thesongsays)
  11. Thomas Fehlmann, “Darkspark” (Kompakt)
  12. Saint Etienne, “Hate Your Drug” (Heavenly)
  13. Console, “By This River” (Disko B)
  14. Lou Reed, “Ocean” (RCA Victor)
  15. Donnacha Costello, “Last Train Home” (Poker Flat Recordings)
  16. Meredith Monk, “Gotham Lullaby” (ECM)


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