goodbye 2011

  1. Hello Seahorse!, “Me has olvidado” (EMI)
  2. Sandwell District, “Falling the Same Way (version)” (Sandwell District)
  3. When Saints Go Machine, “Church and Law” (Studio !K7)
  4. Chicago Skyway, “Heavens & Angels” (M>O>S Recordings)
  5. Tarwater, “Inside the Ships” (Bureau B)
  6. Donato Dozzy, “K 1” (Further)
  7. Tracey Thorn, “Swimming (Visionquest remix) (Ewan Pearson re-edit)” (Strange Feeling)
  8. Aeiou, “Vivimos in L.A.” (Bandcamp)
  9. Gang Gang Dance, “Mindkilla” (4AD)
  10. Byetone, “To Fade Away” (Raster-Noton)
  11. Maya Jane Coles, “Senseless” (20:20 Vision)
  12. David August, “Peace of Conscience” (Diynamic)
  13. Vladislav Delay, “Levite” (Raster-Noton)
  14. Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit, “The Librarian (feat. David Sylvian)” (Nonplace)
  15. Iceage, “You’re Blessed” (Dais Records)

big exit

  1. PJ Harvey, “Big Exit” (Island Records)
  2. CEO, “White Magic” (Sincerely Yours)
  3. Hefner, “Good Fruit (Piano Magic remix)” (Too Pure)
  4. Sistol, “A Better Shore” (Halo Cyan Records)
  5. Schad Privat, “Body Hotel (Coma remix)” (Firm)
  6. ANBB, “One” (Raster-Noton)
  7. Zola Jesus, “Lightsick” (Souterrain Transmissions)
  8. Oneohtrix Point Never, “Returnal (feat. Antony) (Fennesz remix)” (Editions Mego)
  9. Richard Davis, “Gone Away” (Safer)
  10. Force of Nature, “Liberate” (Mule Musiq)
  11. Seefeel, “As Link” (Warp)
  12. Superpitcher, “Country Boy” (Kompakt)
  13. Teengirl Fantasy, “Cheaters” (True Panther)
  14. Savath y Savalas, “Me voy alone” (Stones Throw Records)

to the midwest and back

  1. Pavement, “Shoot the Singer (one sick verse)” (Matador)
  2. Gold Panda, “You” (Notown)
  3. Vitalic, “Second Lives” (Citizen Records)
  4. Delorean, “Stay Close” (Defiance)
  5. The Fall, “The Knight the Devil and Death” (Cog Sinister)
  6. Zola Jesus, “Manifest Destiny” (Sacred Bones Records)
  7. Lucy, “Noedrocca” (Perspectiv)
  8. Ripperton, “Random Violence” (Green)
  9. Ron Trent, “Altered States (light city mixx)” (Djaxx Up Beats)
  10. Ninca Leece, “Feed Me Rainbows” (Thesongsays)
  11. Thomas Fehlmann, “Darkspark” (Kompakt)
  12. Saint Etienne, “Hate Your Drug” (Heavenly)
  13. Console, “By This River” (Disko B)
  14. Lou Reed, “Ocean” (RCA Victor)
  15. Donnacha Costello, “Last Train Home” (Poker Flat Recordings)
  16. Meredith Monk, “Gotham Lullaby” (ECM)

leaving los angeles

  1. Bruno Spoerri, “Lilith – Singing in the Dark” (Finders Keepers)
  2. Donnacha Costello, “Leaving Berlin” (Poker Flat Recordings)
  3. Zola Jesus, “Night” (Sacred Bones)
  4. The Fall, “Bonkers in Phoenix” (Permanent Records)
  5. Rachel Unthank & The Winterset, “Sea Song” (EMI)
  6. Bat For Lashes, “Horse and I” (Parlophone)
  7. Patrice Bäumel, “Clair” (Get Physical)
  8. Riley Reinhold, “I Remember (feat. Cosmic Sandwich)” (Trapez Schallplatten)
  9. Oni Ayhun, “OAR003-B” (Oni Ayhun)
  10. Philip Glass Ensemble, “Knee 5” (Elektra)

march comes into view

  1. Snowpony, “Snow White” (Radioactive)
  2. Gui Boratto, “Azzurra (it’s not the same version)” (Kompakt)
  3. Ana, “Shift (Force of Nature remix)” (Compactsounds)
  4. Tracey Thorn, “Oh, The Divorces!” (Strange Feeling)
  5. The Bionaut, “I Wish I Was Tied to Bertha” (Harvest)
  6. Gene Farris, “This Is My Religion” (Soma Quality Recordings)
  7. Aufgang, “Channel 7 (edit)” (Infiné)
  8. Ewan Pearson vs M.A.N.D.Y., “No Stoppin Love” (white label)
  9. Tensnake, “Coma Cat” (Permanent Vacation)
  10. Moby, “Mobility (aquamix)” (Instinct Records)
  11. Orbital, “I Wish I Had Duck Feet” (FFRR)
  12. Anton Kubikov & Maxim Milutenko, “Lady Delay” (Lo Recordings)
  13. Pixies, “Motorway to Roswell” (4AD)
  14. Life Without Buildings, “Love Trinity” (Trifekta)

snowstorm music

  1. Matias Aguayo, “Menta latte” (Kompakt)
  2. Vybz Kartel, “Yuh Love” (Mixpak)
  3. Benoit & Sergio, “What I’ve Lost” (The Song Says)
  4. Lali Puna, “Remember?” (Morr Music)
  5. My Brightest Diamond, “Dragonfly (Murcof remix)” (Asthmatic Kitty)
  6. Bat For Lashes, “Siren Song” (Parlophone)
  7. Contriva, “The Things You Said” (Monika)
  8. Mint, “Phonogam” (Profan)
  9. The Golden Palominos, “Gun/Little Suicides (brown stain walls, red jelly corners)” (Restless Records)
  10. Pawel, “Kramnik” (Dial)
  11. Patrice Bäumel, “Shower of Ice” (Trapez)
  12. Stargazer, “Deeper (Ewan Pearson ping pong mix)” (Ideal)

2003 automatic

Ordered by play count, only one track per artist, limited to one hour. iTunes evidently started recording date added to its metadata in October 2003, so the accuracy of this is limited.

  1. Carsten Jost, “Juliane (Lawrence remix)” (Ladomat 2000)
  2. Superpitcher, “More Tomorrow” (Kompakt)
  3. Roy Montgomery, “London Is Swinging By His Neck (feat. Kirk Lake)” (Rocket Girl)
  4. Leandro Fresco, “Amor internacional” (Kompakt)
  5. Oxtongue, “Delight (Benjamin Diamond’s this emotion remix)” (Kompakt Pop)
  6. Heiko Voss, “I Think About You (Adolf Noise remix)” (Kompakt Pop)
  7. Tocotronic, “Hi Freaks (Superpitcher’s beautiful freaks mix)” (L’Age D’Or)
  8. Markus Guentner, “Regensburg 1” (Kompakt)
  9. Bubba Sparxxx, “Nowhere” (Interscope)

2004 automatic

Ordered by play count, only one track per artist, limited to one hour. Results are getting more and more sketchy as things get older:

  1. Xploding Plastix, “Sunset Spirals (feat. Sarah Cracknell) (Rune Lindbæk remix)” (Columbia)
  2. Leandro Fresco, “Cero uno” (Kompakt)
  3. Dettinger, “Oasis 1” (Kompakt)
  4. The MFA, “The Difference It Makes” (Border Community)
  5. The Clientele, “Boring Postcard” (Acuarela Discos)
  6. The Orb, “A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Center Of The Ultraworld (loving you)” (Strange Fruit)
  7. Ghost Cauldron, “Are You Conscious?” (Studio !K7)
  8. Borneo & Sporenburg, “Boys” (Ladomat 2000)

2005 automatic

Ordered by play count, only one track per artist, limited to one hour:

  1. Round Two, “New Day (club vocal mix feat. Andy Caine)” (Main Street Records)
  2. Gustavo Cerati, “Alma” (BMG)
  3. Egoexpress, “Aranda (Lawrence remix)” (Ladomat 2000)
  4. Lawrence, “Swap (Carsten Jost dub)” (Ladomat 2000)
  5. Silvania, “Otro mundo en el mundo” (Ware)
  6. Saint Etienne, “Teenage Winter” (Sanctuary Records)
  7. Benjamin Diamond, “Inner Cycle (part 1 & 2)” (Immer)
  8. Ellen Allien, “Your Body Is My Body (Kiki’s body trip remix)” (BPitch Control)

2006 automatic

Ordered by play count, only one track per artist, limited to one hour:

  1. Lawrence, “Along The Wire (Superpitcher remix)” (Ladomat 2000)
  2. Efdemin, “Bergwein” (Dial)
  3. Klee, “Gold” (Modernsoul)
  4. Scritti Politti, “No Fine Lines” (Rough Trade)
  5. Hot Chip, “And I Was A Boy From School” (EMI)
  6. Matthias Meyer, “Voltage” (liebe*detail)
  7. Moderat, “Let Your Love Grow (feat. Paul St. Hilaire)” (De:Bug Hartwaren)
  8. Jonas Bering, “Melanie” (Kompakt)
  9. Paul St. Hilaire & René Löwe, “Faith (vocal version)” (False Tuned)